Joined the local Mystery Book Club through the local library. We met last Sunday and it was fun chatting about the latest book. They will be hosting a lunch for Catriana McPherson and Simon Wood, both new writers, who will tell us good things about their books.

Read Clive Cussler and Grant Blackwood’s – ‘Spartan Gold’ book for the club. Read about 3/4 of the book and then put it down. I was a little disappointed. Either Cussler is getting more formula with every book or else I am just noticing it. The characters in the book, a married couple are too good, too perfect, hardly ever fight, always have the best clothes, shoes, watches, boats, equipment, cocktails, etc. To say they are a little two-dimensional hardly covers it. Also, the scrapes that they get themselves into really defy rational thought. I understand this ain’t great literature and it’s only meant to be entertaining; but really, they volunteer to go into a huge compound of the worst criminal bad guy ever to retrieve a bottle of wine ‘to complete the puzzle’? Who would do that? For me anyway, it just stretches the fabric of credibility. Anyway, I will probably still get his next book because I think I am a little hooked on the adventure parts of the stories.