Well, something about me. As indicated, I am in the Master’s program for LEE which is Literacy and Early Education. I am currently working as a sub-teacher and was in South Korea for nearly six years teaching English there. As you might tell from my site, I am also a storyteller and write short stories and poems. I have been a member of two writing groups since I have gotten back and they have helped me a great deal in improving my writing. All comments are helpful to include ones on grammar, punctuation and content!

One of my first school memories was that of going to a small, country school in Texas. Because my father had been transferred in the military so many times during that time, I had not really learned to read very well. I was put in the bottom of the class. My teacher, Mrs. Beringer, took me to an outdoor kiosk and sat me down at recess and made me go over lists of spelling words. Within three months I had moved up to the top group. What a great teacher!

Thanks for checking in! CW