Some parties are drop dead fun!


I got to the party.

“Is this a joke?” I thought as

the neon flickered, ‘B_tes  Motel’.


I rang the bell,

the black suited porter grinning strangely said,

“Welcome all who enter here;

It’s OK because ” Daddy’s home.”


I started at the strange resemblance,


My head snapped when a black raven on the desk



Smiling, the porter said “This way,” and

down the stairs we went.

I said, “This is a strange place for

a party.”


“I can safely say Miss, this is a party that

never ends.” He waved me through with a

stiff white gloved hand.


As I walked by the hallway,

workers were putting up a small brick room.

“What’s that for?” I whispered, beads of sweat

forming on my upper lip.


He laughed, “Uncooperative guests.” I gulped.


I joined the group feeling a little

light-headed when, blinking,

I could see they seemed strangely transparent.


“Thank God,” I thought as the waiter brought

champagne. I was about to sip when

he chanted “You can check out but never leave.”


The glass shattered as it hit the floor.

He turned to see my backside running up

the stairs and out the door.


“Where are you going, Miss?” he cackled.


The only reply,