Have loaded the My Fitness Pal app on my computer and my phone. It creates a diary of the food I eat everyday and the calories. They have a large library of food choices and have the calories counted for all the major fast food restaurants and stuff sold in the markets too. I am able to keep track of all the little nitsy items that are bringing me down like butter, jam, jelly, Oreo cookies and the like. It also tracks exercise for the day. I have a weight goal and it calculates the calories in food offset by the calories burned in exercise. It also keeps track of the total sugars in food. For diabetics and pre-diabetics this is very important because hidden sugars can be a killer.

I am frequently surprised by how much sugar foods either do or don’t have! The biggest killer of all, of course, white corn syrup. It has the highest sugar content of any known food and it will shoot your sugar readings off the chart! Bon Appetite.