Michael Moore, film maker, was recently on ABC’s – The View which is a far-left talk show on in the morning slot. He actually complimented Trump on his ability to out fox the Democrats and win the majority of the electoral college votes. The is a surprising remark coming from such an ultra-left wing guy. He ended by saying the answer to the next election is to get out the vote and lastly, to dismantle the electoral college.

I agree with the first and not the second. Middle America does need to have a say. What my Democratic friends still do not seem to grasp, at even this late date, is the extent to which many Americans hated Hillary. They didn’t like Bill much, but they really hated Hillary.

Here in Fresno county there was a popular sign posted on lawns. It read ‘Anybody but Hillary.’ Many of the votes for Trump were really votes against Hillary. There were a ton of people who did not want her in the White House.

That said, left-wing media news is spending about 89% of their time attacking Trump, the man, because they have little to say about the issues. Too bad because he is a pretty big target to attack. The good that he has done so far to is impress car manufacturers that if they keep closing American auto plants and pulling them down to Mexico, those cars are going to get heavily taxed. He is revamping the VA medical system to get more help for veterans, which is sorely needed. He is rebuilding the military which is also sorely needed.

For the next election, my word to my Republican friends is, don’t vote for a TV personality, no matter how charismatic he/she may appear. Vote for someone with a proven political track record.

For my Democratic friends; if you want to have a chance with the next election, find someone the Republicans don’t hate so badly. Also, Tom Hanks and Opra Winrey are not going to cut it. Regardless of their popularity, they have no political background. You may say, ‘Well, look at Ronald Regan’. Regan was the president of the Screen Actors Guild for some time before he was governor of California. He served as governor for two terms before he ran for president. He was known as ‘the great communicator’ and did well, but still had his problems too with the Iran-Contra scandal.

Obama spend two terms keeping the lid down on things after the scandals of Bill Clinton. He did do a good job of that, just not a great job on anything else. Americans are ready for a change. Regardless of what happens with Trump, he may be paving the way for some new attitudes.