Employer Ratings & Reviews Overview

The purpose of our Employer Ratings & Reviews section is for individuals to rate an employer’s workplace environment and company values as to whether they are (i) generally age friendly, (ii) unwelcoming to workers age 50+, or (iii) in between. We’re committed to protecting our community from fraudulent submissions that might affect our ratings and reviews. We review and approve every post before it appears on our site (approved postings are live within 5 business days). Individuals’ submissions and employer responses, if any, are included in our confidential evaluation of an employer’s current or future application to be designated as a Certified Age Friendly Employer. This survey is anonymous. Names of participants are never published.

Rating Scale
Individuals submit ratings on scale of 0 to 10, with 0 being least age friendly and 10 being most age friendly. These figures are averaged together to compute the 5-bullet rating in the middle column below.

3D Systems They hire many applicants over the age of fifty, including me.
21st Century Healthcare I was discriminated against by this employer.  I was let go, replaced by a person half my age.
7-Eleven Seems they get rid of seniors
Aaron Brothers Public humiliation.
ABB Corporate talks the talk, however, the management in the local business units often attempts to force older workers out by starting to give poor performance reviews and creating action plans that are impossible to meet.
ABLON & CO I have worked there I am 63, and worked others older and younger than myself, age had no factor . A great place to work.
Accenture My own experience as well as that observed.
Ace Hardware Excellent communications with employees, very flexible work schedules, fun and interesting place to work, many daily challenges and customers to assist with different projects.
Acosta Sales Pay isn’t the greatest, so seems hiring older people is something the do. Benefits are very good.
Adesa Most of the employees are on social security.
ADT Security ADT has demonstrated a history and practice of eliminating positions held by experienced, tenured(more expensive) individuals. In 2014 75% of those positions eliminated were held by individuals age 50+.

No obvious bias against older workers, yet no affirmative efforts to recruit or retain them.

Advance Auto Parts The specifically ask you on the job application if you are between a certain age bracket. If you are not they will not allow you to continue the application. Clearly age discrimination.
Advanced Imaging Solutions, Inc. My husband was terminated unjustly. He was asked how much time he had left to work during his interview, and when he did not answer this and was subsequently hired and his age known (he is younger than he looks), he was treated shabbily and termina