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Parkland shooter’s mom hated Trump. When she died, he put a Trump hat in her casket



DECEMBER 20, 2018 05:35 PM,

UPDATED JANUARY 07, 2019 05:37 P


Second Parkland Shooting Survivor Dies by Suicide: Report


Thank you, thank you – David Ovalle and Nicholas Nehamas for telling us absolutely everything about the Parkland high school shooter that we don’t need to know. Thank you for all the interviews with people who have a lot of emotional reactions to this event but no power to do anything about it.

Now, you want to be some real journalists and tell us something we do need to know? You want to help ‘the people’ cope with this?

Tell us where it was that Nickolas Cruz went when he attempted suicide the first and second time. Tell us whether or not he was put under psychiatric observation at the hospital. What was the name of the hospital? If he was not put under a psych hold, why not? Who is the hospital administrator who allowed a person like this back on the streets? What is the official position of the hospital in cases like this? If the spokesperson for the hospital says “No comment” please report that there is no comment. Don’t give us give one more word, not one more word from an investigating cop who interviewed Cruz and said, “I don’t think he was hearing voices.”

I want to hear from the psychiatrist who interviewed Cruz at the hospital and said he was okay to go and live independently. Who was that guy/gal? I want a name. If there was no psych who interviewed Cruz, why not? Give us the name of that doctor who released him from the hospital. Have the hospital PR people give us the very interesting explanation and basis for letting this young man go. Why, if he was hearing voices (schizophrenia) and clearly a danger to himself (then others) was he not put in a psych hospital? Was it the almighty dollar? These are the things we really want to know.  If the hospital won’t release names; let the lawsuits fly.

Give us the name of the administrator of the hospital where he was seen, tell us how much money that person makes. Let the people who make the money and make the decisions about how people like Nikolas Cruz are to be handled, stand up and take a bow. Let us hear from them and their twisted explanations for how and why this happened. If they refuse to be interviewed, tell us that.

I don’t have all the facts unfortunately, but I am sure a little bit of journalistic digging would undercover the facts. We had yet another untreated schizophrenic on the streets with a gun. Now seventeen high school students are dead and two more from survivors guilt. Let the people who should bear the burden of guilt for what happened come forward. Oh, and that includes the superintendent of schools. Why was there no follow up with this student after he was kicked out of school? Is the philosophy – thank God we are rid of that one. My hands are clean. News flash – your hands are not clean, they are in fact, very, very dirty.