Global Warming – Environmental Decay – Unstable Weather

In the last thirty years in the USA, manufacturing has moved ‘off coast’ with a majority of factories being established in China, India and other Southeast Asian countries. The result is the CEOs and owners of these companies are in general making an indecent amount of money, Americans are increasingly on the dole and the world is facing global warming and unstable weather in dimensions never seen before.

After doing a very small (barely scratching the surface) amount of research, I have identified just some such companies starting with shoe manufacturers. Pull up any screen on the factory workers in China and you will be deluged with warm, pithy stories about how these hard-working people now have stable lives because of jobs they can depend upon.

What you don’t see is the environmental pollution reports that come from these same manufacturers and the numbers of people in China dying from cancer related to pollution exposure. The real beauty for our American CEO’s (lest we forget) is that we are dealing with the Chinese government and there is no transparency. We get to believe whatever they choose to tell us or not tell us.

This is just a baby list and certainly anyone who makes an effort can expand the list. I would suggest that the people on this list take their salaries, divide them by a factor of two, and give the second half to environmental protection agencies who are working around the clock to save us (and the world) from global warming and cataclysmic disasters. And, various CEO’s, if you don’t believe this, go live in Shanghai or Beijing for a while and see how you like the air. Oh, I know, let them eat cake, right?

Steve Madden Shoes:

Amelia Varela, Pres –  annual salary  $1,815,635                                                                                                             CEO Awadhesh Sinhu  $1,197,020     …….CFO Arvind Dharu $667,917

Sam Edelman Shoes – Sam Edelman  $270,000 year (is that really his salary?)

Hush Puppies – Greg Tunney, Pres.  $526,000 (base salary)

Let us then go to the Walton’s, owners of Walmart and America’s favorite family. Importer of shoes and all manner of goods from China.

Rob Walton – $10 million salary per year.

Jim Walton – $10 million per year.

Alice Walton, heiress to the family fortune and worth 64.6 billion dollars.

I recently attempted to buy a pair of shoes ‘Made in the USA’ and was very hard pressed to find any at all or any I could afford (see Frye boots – approx.. $300 a pair and up.) Too bad we have so few choices these days.

Oh, and back to the Let Them Eat Cake alleged quote from Marie Antoinette. The French kings were very good at spending the money of the peasants and working class. However, they did leave a few things behind that people today can go and see and admire (Versailles). Our modern ‘monarchy’ have left us all something to admire, a complete and total global mess. Thanks guys!!!


Since the start of 2020, around 49,000 people have died in the cities of Beijing and Shanghai due to air pollution, according to a new study.

The report from the Centre for Research on Energy and Clean Air (CREA) found that the deaths resulted in around $23bn in economic losses and occurred despite improvements to air quality during the coronavirus lockdown, albeit only temporarily.

Shanghai reportedly had worse concentrations of hazardous PM2.5 particles than Beijing, although Shanghai registered higher rates of sulphur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide.