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China’s Xi will not attend COP26 in person, UK PM Johnson told -The Times


LONDON, Oct 15 (Reuters) – Chinese President Xi Jinping will not attend the COP26 climate summit in person, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been told, The Times newspaper reported.

Britain, which hosts the 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference of the Parties, or COP26, in Glasgow on Oct. 31-Nov 12, is seeking to get big power support for a more radical plan to tackle climate change.

The Times said British organisers fear that Xi’s decision to stay away could be a prelude to China refusing to set new climate change goals amid an energy crunch. (end quote)

The Russian president did not attend either.

In the years before I worked as a teacher, I worked as an insurance claims adjuster. A large group of claims we handled concerned some contaminated toothpaste that was manufactured in China. More research into the trouble revealed that the factory manager had been cutting corners to make more profit for himself and the factory.

In response, members of the Chinese government came to the factory, grabbed the manager, took him out back and hung him from a tree.

Wow! Well, that is not usually how we do things in the US. That said, it is probably safe to say there is little pressure/effect we can bring to bear on the Chinese. However, what can we do? As already reported in this blog, a majority of US manufacturing, especially with clothes and shoes has been moved to China and other locations.

China’s current green gas emissions are 27% of the world’s emissions followed by 11% in the US.

If every person who buys one pair of shoes marked ‘Made in China’ writes one letter to the manufacturer (American) about how well you do or do not like the shoes. Add, it’s too bad they are made in China, the largest producer of green gas emissions. At the rate things are going, our children and grandchildren will have no geographical place to live or jobs to support themselves due to extreme weather caused by global warming.

We can’t change China but we can put pressure American businesses that are cutting costs and leaving us all out to hang.