Blake Lively does a stunning reveal at the Met Gala 22 with a Gilded Age gown designed by Atelier Versace. The gown showed up in copper tones and then did a reveal to show patina copper to resemble the Statue of Liberty. The bodice is hand sewn beads to resemble Union Station.

The dress is stated as costing $12,000 but that is clearly for publicity. Maybe, that is what Versace charged the actress. No way a dress like that cost that kind of money. The fashion and design world would really love to find out who was on the design team for the dress, all of which was held in the tightest security before the big event. Also, clearly a small army of workers helped to create the confection and apparently, they were all able to keep tight lips also as, it appears, even Ryan Reynolds, the husband, was totally surprised at the reveal which took the Gala by storm.