I was in bed with something atrocious.

Maybe, I thought, it was zoonoses!

As I consulted my Big Book of Diseases,

again and again, I kept having sneezes.

Maybe it was zebraocity or a

case of gorillititis or

Perhaps, elephantitus.

Hummingbirdicy or

Clownfishitus hit me.

Dogfishtitus or a bit

of catnipitus.

So many animals I can’t

take it in.

How can we all fit

in the doctor’s office?

I’m sure I don’t know.

Pulling the covers up to my chin,

just when my Mom comes walking in.

She sighs, “Oh, oh, the Big Book again?”

I nod and she takes my temperature.

“I think it’s a bit better.”

She leaves with my book under her arm.

I get soup for dinner.

I can’t help but wonder:

how would a dogfish eat this