Question: Why am I gaining weight when I thought I was sticking to my diet?

The rule of thumb for maintaining weight is to multiple your weight times 10 -11. Or, to maintain my weight of 150 lbs the calories I can only eat are 150 x 10 to 150 x  -11. The calories are 1500 to 1650 per day.

My diet busters for today:

Keeblers Grasshoppers Mint and Fudge cookies – 4 cookies = 140 calories

1 piece Sees candy = 240 cals and 6 grams sugar.

The amount of time to use up the calories of one piece of chocolate = 32 mins of cycling and 20 mins of swimming.

So, when I stuff in 3 pieces of Sees chocolate, it will take 1.5 hours of cycling to burn up those calories. Okay, so I know where I am going on this one. I would have been ok with the Keeblers but I had to have some Sees too. Ah, me.

Pollo Locos:

Alright then. I was pretty much okay at lunch with a Pollo Bowl which is only 543 calories. I was even ok with the regular burrito at 636 calories given that I usually eat ½ now and ½ later.  However, when I ordered two of the churros, I find out they are a whopping 181 calories each and they come in a package of two or 362 for two. Wow. I am better off with the Keelbers. Churros are fried with sugar sprinkled on top while the cookies are baked which probably accounts for the difference. So, no more churros!!!!

I am going to have to regulate the Sees to only once a week.  720 calories at a pop is a bunch. Plus, with 18 grams of sugar, for many diabetics, that is their sugar count for the whole day. Yowzer.

The am routine is okay with my two pieces of toast, coffee and a protein smoothie. Dinner, small steaks, fruit and cottage cheese are also on target. It seems to be in the pm at 3pm and late at night, when I get the carbs/sugar munchie thing  and I just want to stuff everything in sight in my mouth. Could have to do with low blood sugar and/or fatigue. Difficult to say.  But that‘s the calorie count for today! Bon Appetite. (P.S. – Always happy to hear from readers who have insight as to when and why the munchies hit. Yikes!)