Crotch zits! Who knew it was possible? Well, ’tis. Riding around in my area, we frequently get heat into the 100’s and the bicycle seat actually gets hot! Then, also because of the heat (and use) my bike seat was starting to come apart adding to the aggravation. I ended up with four huge (!) zits in the crotch and butt area. They hurt and were uncomfortable and made riding almost impossible.

I had to make an emergency run to Macy’s to stock up on the essentials: Clinque Acne Solutions Clearing Gel and Kiehl’s Over-Night Biological Peel. The Kiehl lotion will bring the pimple to the surface and the Clinique will dry it. They were so deep in the skin it was almost like having a boil. Application of these two times a day and changing my undies twice each day and the pimples were gone in about five days. I use these on my face too for deep, under-the-surface bumps and they work the treat.

When I got my bike seat replaced, the woman recommended the ‘Airflow’ bike seat. The seat actually has a grove or depression the length of the seat and a hole in the middle. This is to improve air circulation and reduce the ‘hot seat’ situation I had that was contributing to the problem.

So, now that my butt is back in good working order on to the next subject – food. I was at the grocers getting my frozen fruit (strawberries, blueberries and cherries,) when something new caught me eye – frozen kale. My cousin made me a smoothie with all these ingredients and although it was green, you really couldn’t taste the kale. It is supposed to have a ton of good things in it; sort of like spinach. So, next shop, I may go ahead and buy this frozen concoction and give it a go.