I made a batch of blueberry muffins. The fat, blueberries oozing their juicy goodness through the muffin as the tops rose and turned a light golden brown.

Taking the muffins out of the tin, I enjoyed them for breakfast several days. A pat of butter on a hot bun served on a clean white plate. Morning coffee in a white china cup; a special dark roast blend, slightly bitter, the way I like it.

As the muffins dwindle down, unfortunately, they start to become a little tough. At that point, I peel off the muffin paper and take them out to the yard and throw them as far as I can. This is to get them away from the cat. In a flash, Muffin squirrel is down the tree and sussing out the muffin. Although one landed behind a bush, his little nose vibrates with smells and he finds it.

First tearing a bit off, he moves back to the grass to nibble it down. Going back, he gets another bit to eat and another. Pretty soon he has moved the remainder of the muffin to the grass. He continues to nibble until it is smaller and carrying size. At that point, the whole thing is in his mouth and he scampers up his tree.

Oops! The muffin falls. No worry, he is back down again, grabs it and hurries back up the tree. I laugh watching this, finish my cup of coffee and go back inside. Sam, the cat, is looking at me from the hallway trying to decide what is going on.

Sam goes outside on a regular basis and spends a great deal of time watching the squirrels. Muffin squirrel, like his brothers, is a fat, little brown thing with a big fluffy red tail. In the depths of his primeval cat mind, Sam seems to know he should be doing something about these smaller, fuzzy creatures. But he is not exactly sure what. Muffin is no fool and so far, is faster than Sam. As soon as Sam shows up, Muffin is up the tree chattering at him.  Sounds like a taunt.

One day last week, I had been on a bread/toast run for several days and had not made any muffins. On the tree in front of the glass slider, Muffin squirrel paused looking directly at me. He started chattering. The tone clearly indicated I was falling down on the job because no muffins had been forthcoming. I was duly chastened and got blueberries out to thaw.

Yesterday I was surprised to see something grey moving on the porch. I got closer. It was a grey squirrel. What was it doing on the porch? To my horror, Sam suddenly appeared on the top of the banister and pounced. There is an escape hatch at the bottom of the banister and grey squirrel escaped through there. Later, I told Sam I didn’t want any squirrels coming home for dinner. He looked nonplussed and gazed out into middle distance. Doubtful Muffin squirrel would have allowed himself to be so cornered.

Sam and the squirrels continue their dance. So far, squirrels are ahead. I have done my duty with Muffin squirrel and maybe he’ll leave me alone for a few days. A girl can only do so much, you know?